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4 Weeks 4 Inclusion

4 Weeks 4 Inclusion is the inter-company event created by TIM in 2020 dedicated to the various aspects of inclusion to promote an interdisciplinary debate with representatives of institutions and business communities aimed at promoting diversity.

The third edition was held from 14 November to 6 December 2022 and saw the participation of over 300 partners who held discussions in a four-week marathon under the banner of inclusion, from disability to intergenerational comparison, from developing contributions made by women to sexual orientation and gender identity, ethnicity, and religion.

A video on the values of inclusion launched the opening day sessions, when TIM Chairman Salvatore Rossi was present, narrated by Arianna Sacripante, a person with Down syndrome and synchronised swimming world champion, and which closed with this message: “There is no equality without inclusion. Let's open up to diversity. Inside is all the beauty in the world.” 

Watch the best of 4w4i 2022 here

Opening event: It’s not about gender. We can grow the country together.

Various prominent figures took part in the closing event on 6 December, starting with Enrica Danese, TIM’s Head of Institutional Communication, Sustainability & Sponsorship, and some of the key figures of the event were interviewed as well. During the event, the IPSOS research results were presented, which investigated the state of the gender gap at all the partner companies and associations. The presentation ended in a round table about “the world of work I would like”, which included the main representatives of the partner companies.

You will always be able to find all the information and events on demand at, starting with the three days dedicated to specific issues: 

  • 18 November on LGBT+ issues, for Transgender Day of Remembrance, which is on 19 November;
  • 25 November, for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • 2 December on issues regarding disability, for International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is on 3 December.

The events promoted by the TIM Group are also available on demand on the italian page

  • TIM Retail: 14 November - Her way to sell. Women in leadership, the future of retail
  • TIM Servizi Digitali: 16 November - TSD training and inclusion
  • Telsy: 17 November - Woman in Cyber
  • TIM Brasil: 18 November - Productive Social Inclusion – Partnership TIM and Gerando Falcões
  • Noovle: 24 November - Cross-pollination and the Gender Gap
  • TIM: 30 November - 9 stories about women. Storytelling for children to help them see past gender roles and prejudice
  • TIM with Women Plus: 1 December - Women and work go hand in hand: Women Plus
  • Olivetti: 1 December - W is for Innovation: Women in STEM at Olivetti
  • Sparkle: 5 December - Sparkle and Fondazione Ortygia for narrowing the Gender Gap in traditionally male industries
  • Telecontact: 6 December - Back to fairy tales... a journey together

To see the Group's events for the 2021 edition, click here.