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4 Weeks 4 Inclusion

4 Weeks 4 Inclusion is a format created by TIM in 2020 dedicated to the various aspects of inclusion: from disability to intergenerational relations, from encouraging women's contributions to sexual orientation and gender identity, ethnicity and religion. 

The second edition took place from 22 October to 22 November 2021 with the active participation of over 200 companies, 189 digital events for 700,000 employees and the involvement of leaders from institutions, the business community and trade union associations.

The full calendar of events is available on the dedicated website,

Here you can find the events of the TIM Group companies on demand:

  • Telsy - “Riflessioni e sfide sul Gender Gap nelle STEM: Telsy e la crittografia” | 27 October 2021

Challenges and opportunities for women in the scientific and technical sectors. On the panel were: Veronica Cristiano, Irene Giacomelli, and Maria Spicciola. Introduction by Federica Mineo.

  • Olivetti - “Le donne in Olivetti” | 28 October 2021

With “Le donne in Olivetti”, through the telling of our story by Company Talks and the interview by Mila Fiordalisi with three of the women who are leading figures in Olivetti today, we wanted to underline the importance of the continuous commitment to the real achievement of gender equality, which has always been fundamental for the company.

  • Noovle - "L’etica e l’Intelligenza Artificiale" | 2 November 2021

During the webinar, CEO Carlo d'Asaro Biondo, Chairwoman Mariarosaria Taddeo, a philosopher and expert in digital technologies, and Emanuela Girardi, Founder of POP AI and AI Expert at MISE, will address the issues of digital ethics, such as the need to guarantee individual rights and encourage inclusive behaviour in the digital age. Noovle, a non-profit company that operates sustainably and transparently in the interests of the community, demonstrates this ethical commitment in the implementation of its Artificial Intelligence projects.

  • Telecontact Center - "Lavorando al futuro” | 2 November 2021

The scope of work at the dawn of the third millennium is undergoing a profound and rapid transformation towards overcoming the traditional conflict with capital; however, there remain areas of repetitiveness, standardisation and partial isolation as well as environments where the work-life balance is critical. Digitalisation can provide a great opportunity for companies, people and the system/environment, but - if not governed properly - it can lead to new forms of alienation and social exclusion. In this scenario, what are the major options that companies are facing? What actions can be taken and which instruments can be adopted by the different players involved (entrepreneurs, workers, other stakeholders)? Together with our guests we discuss the theme of the company of the future: generative, diverse, inclusive. A company increasingly able to operate in interconnected markets, respecting the individuality of its workers and developing their team spirit, which does not only produce profit but also value for all its stakeholders and for the system in general.

  • Operazione Risorgimento Digitale - “Dire, fare, digitale! La formula vincente per abitare la rete” | 3 November 2021

Our country has the oldest demographic, second only to Japan. A generation that was affected more than others by the pandemic. But behind this generation of seniors, this silver-haired band of third and fourth agers, there is a desire to tell their stories, to be useful, to make be heard and, above all, to tune in with digital tools. We will discuss this during the Operazione Risorgimento Digitale event. Together with Nonna Rosetta from Surace House and other seniors sharing their stories, open the "toolbox" to understand how to close the gap between those who are connected and those who are not. Giampaolo Colletti moderates.

  • TIM Retail La gentilezza che vende” | 4 November 2021

It is no longer time to be a 'shark', even in retail. That is why salespeople cannot do without kindness to create value, within their organisation and in their relationship with their customers.

  • TIM - Connecting Diversity: la rete che fa la differenza perché non fa differenze” | 8 November 2021

The network to overcome distances, bridge diversity, save people from isolation, create new opportunities to train, have fun and even take on new business. The network as a generator of opportunities. Together with TIM, ten stories of resilience, courage, determination, and inclusion told about the past, present and future. Ten stories of people who, thanks to the network, have been able to make a difference. Joining us are Momo & Raissa, Rossella Fiorani, Sirio e i Tetrabondi, Francesco Cicconetti, Muriel, and Nadia Lauricella. We will be able to listen to the words of Norma Cerletti and Francesca De Gottardo and the notes of Cris Brave thanks to the Turin Historical Archive.

  • Sparkle  “Sparkle e Ortygia Business School per le pari opportunità e l’inclusione di genere” | 15 November 2021

With the Young Women Empowerment Program, promoted by the Ortygia Business School Foundation for female university students in Southern Italy, Sparkle presents the mentoring project for 12 Sicilian female students enrolled in master's degree courses in economics and science in Palermo and Catania. These girls share their experience of working in a high-tech environment under the guidance of female managers and executives.