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About us

We are driving the digital transition of Italy and Brazil with innovative technologies and services because we want to contribute to accelerating the sustainable growth of the economy and society by bringing value and prosperity to people, companies and institutions.

We offer diversified solutions that meet the needs of our stakeholders while also integrating climate strategy, circular economy and digital growth targets.

TIM offers fixed and mobile telephony services and products for communication and entertainment for individuals and households, and supports small and medium-sized enterprises in their path towards digitalisation with a portfolio tailored to their needs.

Cloud, IoT and Cybersecurity technologies are at the heart of TIM Enterprise's End-to-End solutions for companies and the public institutions that support the country's digital transformation by making use of the largest data centre network in Italy, the expertise of Group companies such as Noovle, Olivetti and Telsy, and partnerships with leading industrial groups.

We develop 4G and 5G mobile network and fibre network infrastructure, that we make available to the entire market, both through a widespread national presence and internationally through Sparkle.

In Brazil, TIM Brasil is a major player in the South American communications market and a leader in 4G and 5G coverage.

We also support projects of high social interest via TIM Foundation in Italy and Instituto TIM in Brazil.

The values that both unite and distinguish us are passion and courage, which help us to seize the challenges of the market, inclusion, because it creates value for the entire society, and finally integrity, to deserve and maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

2023-2025 Group Industrial Plan

TIM Brasil

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