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About us

We are the number one telecommunications company in Italy and through our technologies and innovative services we are leading the charge in the digital transition in Italy and Brazil.

TIM offers to individuals and families services and products of mobile and fixed-line telephony for communication and entertainment and accompanies small and medium enterprises towards digitalization through a portfolio which is personalized to their needs.

Cloud, IoT and Cybersecurity are at the center of TIM Enterprise end-to-end solutions for companies and public administrations, which develop the digital transformation of the country using the largest network of data centers in Italy, the expertise of Group companies such as Noovle, Olivetti and Telsy, and through partnerships with groups of primary importance.

We develop optic-fiber fixed-line network infrastructure, which we make available to all the market, both through a capillary presence over the whole national territory and through Sparkle at international level.

In Brazil, TIM Brasil is one of the main players in the South American telecommunications market and a leader in 4G coverage.

In developing our business, we have adopted a sustainability strategy based on the objectives of climate strategy, the circular economy, digital growth and gender equality, with the aim of becoming carbon neutral in 2030 and achieve zero net emissions by 2040.

We also supports projects of high social interest via TIM Foundation.

2023-2025 Group Industrial Plan

TIM Brasil

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