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FiberCop borgo fibra

FiberCop kicks off

A big project to deploy fiber throughout Italy and speed up the country’s digitisation process.

04/01/2021 - 09:15 AM

FiberCop is born today, the company that brings together TIM, KKR Infrastructure and Fastweb, united in the aim of spreading ultrabroadband fiber optic connections throughout the territory, to reduce the digital divide and accelerate the development of the country's economy. Innovation, inclusiveness and sustainability are the values that will guide its work, to allow citizens, companies and organizations to access the benefits offered by digital.

FTTH coverage, with speeds of 1Gbps, for 76% of properties by 2025

TIM’s secondary network (the telecommunications infrastructure that goes from roadside cabinets to customers’ homes) and the fiber network developed by FlashFiber, the TIM-Fastweb joint-venture, became part of the company headed by Chairman Massimo Sarmi and Chief Executive Officer Carlo Filangieri.

Thanks to this network FiberCop is already offering Ultra Broadband connections to 90% of the population and will continue FTTH (Fiber to the Home) coverage with connection speeds of 1 Gbps in the country’s black and grey areas in order to reach 76% of properties by 2025. In the white areas TIM will continue the UBB deployment already in progress.

The fibre network will be developed by FiberCop on the basis of the co-investment model open to all other operators, in accordance with the provisions of the European Electronic Communications Code. TIM, which holds 58% of FiberCop, will be the exclusive supplier for the construction and maintenance of the networks.

FiberCop will provide fibre optic passive access services and advanced services to all market operators, operating with maximum efficiency and protecting people and the environment.

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