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TIM e IDMO contro le fake news

Appointment with Digital Media, third edition

TIM returns to schools to raise awareness about fake news.

03/06/2023 - 10:45 AM

TIM’s collaboration with the Italian Digital Media Observatory (IDMO) continues. The third edition of Appointment with Digital Media, the free training programme created in the framework of this collaboration with the aim of guiding students and teachers of first and second year secondary schools on a journey through digital communications tools to understand their potential and their opportunities and raise awareness of the risks to which we are exposed with incorrect use.

After a year of activities in Italian schools, the new meetings, which will end on 4 April, on International Fact-Checking Day, the day dedicated to combating fake news, include a different format, with mixed participation for some events — in person at TIM spaces and via live streaming from schools — but also new content, such as artificial intelligence and its new applications, the Metaverse, and much more.

As in previous editions, learning tests will make it possible to verify the results achieved and teachers will be able to request a certificate of participation on S.O.F.I.A, the Italian Ministry of Education and Merit (MIUR) platform that certifies teacher training. In addition, a Digital & Media Educator certificate will be issued to the participating schools.

Schools, teachers and students can continue to request to participate via the Media Literacy page of IDMO.

The first of four live seminars called "The ABCs of Digital", to understand the role of media literacy in the digitalisation society, took place on 1st March. The event involved 10 schools, for a total of about 700 people, partly in attendance and partly online, welcomed by two virtual special guests, Tea and the neighbourhood Spiderman, who guided the day.

The next events are:  

All the live events, and later also on demand events, will be available on on the Media Literacy page.

Also part of the collaboration project with IDMO are the activities of TIM’s Data Room, which takes information from the web and carries out specific analyses for IDMO with the aim of illustrating what happens online when untrue or distorted information is spread.