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nuova-organizzazione-TIM Enterprise

A new organisation for TIM Enterprise

A compact and fast team, serving large customers and public administration.

03/02/2023 - 10:45 AM

TIM Enterprise, the TIM Group's business unit dedicated to businesses and Public Administration, presents itself to the market with a new, more agile and integrated organisation, which maximises synergies and relies on great professionalism and important assets, such as its extensive sales, design and caring network.

Leading the new team is Elio Schiavo, who is accompanying the company on this path of transformation, a path that in 2022 already saw revenue growth more than double that of the ICT market, and which envisages further improvement in margins under the new 2023-2025 Plan.

TIM Enterprise, whose mission was announced as part of the TIM Group's Business Plan last July, is Italy's largest ICT platform and offers innovative, sustainable and secure 360-degree integrated digital solutions, ranging from connectivity to advanced Cloud, IoT and Cyber Security services for all large enterprises and Public Administration, to which it provides services both directly and through the National Strategic Hub.

This new organisation, which at a later stage will lead to the transfer of all assets into a single corporate vehicle, counts on more than 5,000 people, the most widespread sales network in the country and 16 Data Centres built according to the highest standards of security, efficiency and sustainability, and will enable TIM Enterprise to become a key player in the country's digitalisation process.