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TIM supporting women

Beyond 25 November

11/25/2021 - 03:00 PM

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is 25th November. It is a day that the TIM Group is observing to highlight the importance of combating violence, especially gender-based violence, every day and in every way.

Our daily commitment is made up of concrete actions, projects and tools that protect our employees, but that is not all, also thanks to our collaboration with associations like the Libellula Foundation, the first network of companies united to combat violence against women, which have always been on the front lines for this issue.

In June of this year, we launched the "TIM against gender-based and sexual harassment and bullying" policy to aid in understanding, reporting and overcoming any perceived hostile or disparaging behaviour within the company. We have added educational and training activities to this policy in order to raise awareness on these issues. There are also support tools for those who may find themselves in a vulnerable or confusing situation and are unable to make a report,  including psychological and legal services and the activation of the 'Person of Trust', an outside professional who can provide clarification on how to deal with a possibly delicate situation.

In more general terms, Progetto Donna (Woman Project) has been active since 2020. It is a series of initiatives aimed at ensuring an inclusive working environment at TIM Group. Within this framework, training courses have been created, such as the one on the "Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication" together with Parole O_Stili, or the one on gender BIAS to become aware of the prejudices we unconsciously bear and learn how to manage them, but also the series on role modelling meetings "LeadHERship al femminile" and the partnership with Young Women Network for female employees under 35.

Overcoming the gender gap, an indicator of the difficulties women face in the workplace, was also the focus of 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, the marathon of 189 events organised in partnership with over 200 companies held recently. Among the events that were also available on demand on was "Women Power!”, which opened the day dedicated to this topic with a conversation between seven women managers.

As of this year, TIM has also been included on the Gender Equality Index (GEI), the index compiled annually by Bloomberg to track the financial performance of the companies around the world that are most committed to promoting gender equality — a further incentive to continue on our path and help create a fairer and safer society for everyone.