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The procedures


Inside information and insider dealing procedure

The new procedure, approved by the Board of Directors on February 3, 2017, amended on September 24, 2018, establishes the principles and rules with which TIM complies in the internal management and external disclosure of the Company’s inside information, as defined in law, and on the arrangements to maintain registers of people who have access to it. It regulates Company activities with reference to the obligations and compliances connected to insider dealing.

Procedure for performing transactions with related parties

The Board of Directors on June 25, 2018 adopted a new version of the Procedure for managing transactions with related parties, amended on July 24, 2018, which sets out the procedural rules to guarantee transparency and correctness of transactions with parties related to TIM S.p.A. performed by the company directly or through its subsidiaries, pursuant to the Consob Provisions relating to transactions with related parties (as amended by resolution no. 19974 of 22 April 2017). The new edition of the  TIM Procedure will come into force from the second half of the year.

New website  (in Italian) regarding the procedure for performing transactions with related parties

Guidelines for the assignments to the independent auditors

Regulation of the appointment of external auditors by the Company and its subsidiaries.

Whistleblowing Procedure

The Procedure governs management of allegations related to alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and of Conduct, the Policy for Respect of Human Rights, the 231 Organizational Model, internal procedures or Laws or Regulations with reference to the activities or services of TIM Group interest, as well as complaints regarding matters of the direct and sole responsibility of the Board of Statutory Auditors of TIM (acting also as the Audit Committee).

Procedure for handling "reports"

The Board of Auditors/Audit Committee has adopted a Procedure for the receipt, retention, and handling of statements of violations, complaints and complaints/submissions of concerns. 

 Procedure for countering corrupt practices

Consists in a systematic framework to counter corrupt practices.

 TIM Engagement Policy 

The Policy, approved by the Board of Directors on December 16, 2020, governs the dialogue with stakeholders and, in particular, all the shareholders. The document meets a specific recommendation of the Corporate Governance Code of Borsa Italiana.

Download and consult the procedures

Insider information

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Related parties transactions

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"Handling" reports

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Anti-corruption policy

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TIM Engagement Policy

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Appointment external auditor

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