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The codes

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is the apex of the entire corporate governance system: it is our charter of values, and provides the body of principles serving to ensure an ethically-oriented conduct of business based on transparency, correctness and fairness. The Code of Ethics, gradually adopted by all the Group companies, sets the values of business activity with reference to  the “addressees of the Code”: the members of the corporate bodies, the management and workers of all Group Companies.

Compliance with the Code must also be guaranteed by external collaborators and, where envisaged in the company procedural system, by third parties that do business with the Group.  In the same way as all the other corporate governance instruments, the Code of Ethics is constantly reviewed and compared with changes in the regulatory framework, reference standards, and operational and market practices, with account also taken of the feedback from the monitoring by Control Governance departments of the Group.

The current version, updated as of 3 October 2013, adopts a new graphic presentation, an overall simplification of the text with the recall, at the beginning, of the Group values.


Antitrust Code of Conduct of the TIM  Group

The TIM Group's Antitrust Code of Conduct, approved by TIM's Board of Directors on 20 February 2019, forms the basis of TIM's new Antitrust Compliance programme.

 Aimed at all TIM personnel (top management, executives, employees), the Antitrust Code of Conduct illustrates the contents of the legislation protecting competition in a simple and accessible way and provides a practical guide on the kinds of behaviour to adopt when faced with specific situations that could be a cause of potential antitrust violations.

The various activities defined by the programme are in line with European and national best practice and with the recent directions of the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM).


TIM Principles of Corporate Governance

The conduct of TIM and its governing bodies, including with respect of the companies beloging to the Group, shall be based on principles of correct management of corporate affairs and the Code of Ethics of TIM Group. The Company complies with Borsa Italiana's Code of Corporate Governance.

Under the programme of updating the corporate governance rules, in its meeting of June 25, 2020 the Board of Directors decided, inter alia, to bring forward TIM’s alignment with the principles of the Corporate Governance Code of Italian listed companies, which was published in January 2020 and is expected to be applied from 2021.

The opportunity was taken to make some further interventions in terms of adjustment to ESG best practices.

The updated  Telecom Italia Principles of Corporate Governance, which depart from and / or supplement the framework of the rules applicable in relation to the tasks and functioning of the corporate bodies, whilst referring, for any other matter or issue, to principles and criteria of Borsa Italiana’s Code of Corporate Governance, are available at link below. 

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Code of Ethics

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Antitrust code

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Principles of Corp. Gov.

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