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Rome, an increasingly Smart city

11/12/2020 - 09:00 AM

Roma Data Platform is the new platform that provides a control “dashboard” for viewing data on key aspects of the daily life of a large city in an integrated and simultaneous way: for instance, the number of people in the city and the analysis of tourist flows, weather forecasts, the real-time parking situation, public transport movements and flows through the limited traffic zone (ZTL) entry and exit points, as well as the concentration of economic activities and much more.
The Data Platform collects and analyses a multitude of data also on a geolocalised basis, exploiting the integration of public and private data. The aim of all this is to support institutions and businesses in their strategic investment and development choices, and to improve decision-making processes.

The current situation

This project will see Rome speed up its transition to a Smart City model, giving rise to a real pilot case on Italian soil.  As stated by Carlo Cafarotti, Roma Capitale’s Councillor for Economic Development, Tourism and Work,

“A good data strategy can lead to optimum choices. This was the approach taken in the development of the Roma Data Platform, an innovative tool underlying the city’s economic and urban development.”

The Roma Smart City Plan identifies these 9 areas of intervention:

  • energy
  • environment
  • mobility
  • economic development
  • tourism
  • culture
  • education and school
  • social
  • security

The aim is to improve the service standards for all city users and reduce the costs; demonstrate greater effectiveness and efficiency in administrative actions; promote participation, citizenship, transparency, confidence and inclusion. All this is to also support the recovery from the crisis linked to the pandemic.

The platform stands out for its easy access to information and the speed with which it can be used thanks to an intuitive interface that can customise the numerous graphic layouts available: matrices, territorial maps, dashboards and pie charts.  Several filters can also be applied which provide a real-time update of the data being viewed.

The future outlook

The Roma Data Platform started out as a resource for Roma Capitale in governing the city, but it also represents a prospect for the future when it will evolve into a services platform capable of providing open data with added value also to citizens as well as institutions and businesses.


The project, promoted by the Municipality of Rome and implemented with TIM and PwC Public Sector in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, was illustrated and presented on 4 November 2020 at the virtual round table “Il ruolo dei Big Data per una governance più efficace degli Enti Locali” (The role of Big Data for a more effective governance of Local Authorities) which was also attended by Claudio Pellegrini, Public Sector Director at TIM.

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