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Innovation tour

TIM Innovation Tour

We are opening the doors to our innovation centres.

02/16/2023 - 11:30 AM

A journey to discover innovation in TIM: this is what the Group's Innovation Tours are all about, a series of events dedicated to students to showcase the innovation we achieve in our Group.

The first event is today, 16 February, at the Innovation Lab of the Rome headquarters in Via Oriolo Romano with a full immersion in the technology dedicated to 42 Roma Luiss, the coding school open to everyone.

Guests will be welcomed and guided by Double, a service robot, and a TIM hologram tutor. The young people will be able to meet with the people working in the Lab, who will guide them through Extended Communication experiences to interact remotely with objects and people in a shared immersive virtual space.

At the end of the visit, participants will be invited to experience the Metaverso through the “Meta Jova Beach Party”.

The next event is scheduled for 9 March in Turin at the Group's historic Innovation Lab, where some students from the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore A. Badoni of Lecco will be guests. The tour will focus on Artificial Intelligence and the evolution of broadband networks. Girls and boys will then be guided through fibre and 5G access network solutions and visit the futuristic anechoic chamber for testing 5G active antennas.  They will also experiment with next-generation digital services such as the Metaverse and human-computer interaction. Finally, the day will end with a visit to the Historical Archive, where they will find documents, objects, images that represent the roots of our future.

Further events are planned until the end of the school year and will cover both the Innovation Labs and our Data Centres, Italy's largest network for cloud services.