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Seismic sensors

TIM for seismic monitoring in Veneto

TIM centres will host seismic sensors to help assess impact and interventions for earthquakes.

10/13/2022 - 02:30 PM

One accelerometer will be installed in each of TIM’s 120 telecommunications centres in Veneto, with the goal of strengthening the high-density seismic monitoring network in the region. Our company has recently started collaborating with Italy’s National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics, which, alongside the Veneto Region and with the help of the University of Padua, is working on a project to monitor seismic events which will take advantage of over 300 measuring points throughout the region.

The extensiveness and distinctness of TIM’s centres spread out all over the area will guarantee a tangible contribution to the Institute’s work. Together with the researchers, TIM will select the most suitable structures for the project based on building features, cellular network coverage, the logistical needs of the monitoring network, and the distribution of seismic risk in the Veneto Region. The sensors will be capable of measuring ground shaking and, if there is an earthquake, provide measurements that will be useful in quickly assessing impact and guiding Civil Protection interventions.