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TIM launches the challenge for circular economy

TIM Challenge for Circular Economy

11/24/2021 - 03:00 PM

Applications for the TIM Challenge for Circular Economy open today.

Until 24 January, national and international start-ups, SMEs and scale-ups will be able to propose circular economy projects to help the TIM Group take action on the waste that is naturally generated by business activities, and thus contribute to the well-being of the planet.

They will be assessed by a jury of sustainability, innovation and ICT experts. The jury will first consider the ability to take concrete action on waste, with the aim of reducing the use of resources or reusing them to extend their life cycle. 

The winners will have the opportunity to start working with the TIM Group.

Project areas include the reuse of special civil and industrial waste such as batteries, end-of-life equipment, wood, plastic, paper, glass, iron and steel, the efficient management of industrial and civil infrastructure (such as grids), but also data centres and corporate offices. Finally, the renewal or reuse of capital goods and products intended for the end consumer, such as smartphones, telephones, tablets, modems, decoders and other devices.

The challenge is supported by the Open Innovation expertise of TIMWCAPand the support of LifeGate, a benefit corporation considered the gold standard for sustainability in Italy.

To take part, you must register by filling in the application form on the TIM Challenge for Circular Economy website, where you can consult the rules and all the details of the call.

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