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Living in the cloud with TIM

Cloud computing allows anyone to access maximum potential in processing power, data management and data processing simply by renting computer capacity from large industrial companies.

07/08/2020 - 02:45 PM

It's not only people, but also an increasing number of objects that are connected to ever faster networks anywhere and at any time. That's why it's increasingly important to have the ability to transfer the management of resources or tasks, such as content storage or cloud computing, from our devices to the web. The metaphor of the cloud, representing the possibility of "outsourcing" data management in safer and better performing places, worked so well that it is now commonly used.

Edge computing is a powerful ally of the cloud as it becomes crucial to process information where it is produced, to reduce network latency and congestion, as well as to increase the power of fixed and mobile connectivity.

TIM is strongly committed in these areas, with a clear objective: to accelerate Italy's digital transformation.


“Our strategic partnership with Google makes us a key player in the cloud and edge computing in Italy, two sectors that will become increasingly important with the progressive implementation of 5G and Artificial Intelligence. By choosing to join forces with a world-renowned technological and innovative leader, we confirm our commitment to promoting and assisting the country's digital progress"

Luigi Gubitosi, CEO TIM



The importance of cloud computing, for SMEs and Smart Working

SMEs, the true backbone of the Italian production system, are at the heart of this revolution and have found a perfect ally for their needs in the cloud.

The most obvious advantage is scalability: by taking advantage of the cloud, an SME or a fast-growing start up can have almost unlimited computing power and support the growth of data, traffic and services, increasing or reducing the space used on servers as required. The other crucial aspect is security: using cloud services means relying on companies that are responsible for maintaining and defending the entire infrastructure, freeing companies – especially smaller ones – from a complex task, which requires significant investment and often can't be done internally to an optimal standard.

In a professional world that is increasingly geared towards smart working, exchanging documents and materials in real time, using high-definition video conferencing from wherever you are and managing applications and data in ever-increasing quantities, is becoming essential.

That's why we have developed the Gsuite TIM Edition ,  in collaboration with Google Cloud, and we have recently acquired Noovle, an Italian ICT consulting and system integration company, specialised in developing cloud projects and solutions, one of the main partners of Google Cloud in the Italian market.


Education goes digital with cloud

The digital acceleration we are experiencing is also taking centre stage in the education world which, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has been experimenting with remote teaching solutions, using e-learning platforms, video conferencing, online materials, task sharing apps and much more. An important part of the country has rapidly discovered the potential of e-learning because of school closures. A tool that was created to complement traditional teaching became the only possibility for millions of students to continue their education and stay active and engaged over the last few months.

Among the tools that made this possible are WeSchool, the platform powered by TIM that enables teachers to bring their classes online, sharing materials, creating discussions and giving tests, and Olivetti's ScuolaBook,  the first digital library designed for secondary schools. All this is made possible power of the cloud.

Infinite applications thanks to Open Innovation

Cloud and edge computing are also valuable allies in creating new physical spaces that can make the most of the potential of new technologies. In two words, smart spaces, such as those conceived during the first ‘Smart Spaces Hackathon’, organized by TIM WCAP in partnership with Codemotion and Google Cloud, which we hosted from 2 to 5 July to compile the most promising Open Innovation projects.

Leveraging the potential of robotics, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and more, the goal was to imagine how technology can change the way we work in offices, public spaces, commercial spaces and even the places where we care for our loved ones. This kind of tangible innovation will improve all our lives – and the fundamental starting point is the cloud.

The cloud as a sustainability choice

This technological revolution would not be as important if it did not also benefit the environment. Cloud and edge computing are flexible architectures that can also optimise and maximise computational power with minimal consumption of resources.

TIM data centres that host cloud services are also designed for sustainability. This is the case for the cloud regions of Milan and Turin, which are at the heart of the agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo and Google Cloud, where the data centres will meet the highest eco efficiency and environmental sustainability standards and will make a decisive contribution to the digitalisation of the Italian economy.

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