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Pink Floyd in Pompeii

A special event celebrating 50 years of "Live at Pompeii" concert film

10/26/2021 - 03:38 PM

In the autumn of 1971, the legendary English band Pink Floyd chose the ruins of Pompeii to stage an event that marked the relationship between music and images: a concert film destined to make rock history.

Fifty years on, the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and Gruppo TIM are celebrating that event with a live stream to relive the atmosphere of "Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii" using the most advanced immersive digital technologies.

"Reliving at Pompeii" is the title of the brand new docufilm that will be broadcast live from the amphitheatre of the Archaeological Park and that will allow us to relive the experience from the point of view of Adrian Maben, the director of the original film who personally participated in creating the event. Pompeii’s most iconic sites will be the focus of an intimate and engaging journey where exclusive and immersive multimedia content alternates with clips of the original concert, interspersed with commentary by journalist and music expert Ernesto Assante and members of the band.

The narratives of the past and present will merge into an unprecedented experience thanks to the use of high-impact technologies made available by TIM and the Olivetti Group and Noovle factories, such as virtual and augmented reality and light mapping installations that will bring the amphitheatre to life. An example of the potential of the latest technology and solutions, such as AR, 5G, Internet of Things and Cloud, and how they can create new opportunities to enhance the value of artistic heritage and cultural assets.

The live streaming of the event "50° Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii" will be transmitted free of charge, exclusively by ITsART, at the site the multimedia platform promoted by the Ministry of Culture, and will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices and on Smart TVs.

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