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Culture turns smart with TIM WCAP start-ups

Solutions for gaining easier and smarter access to our artistic and cultural heritage are multiplying. And open innovation is promoting the development of ready-to-use applications that everyone can afford.

07/27/2020 - 12:30 PM

“Virtual museums” and digital platforms have been discussed for years but never as in the last few months have they been the subject of such pressing relevance. Since our movements and life in public spaces have been restricted by unavoidable circumstances, the theme of enhancing cultural heritage through new technologies has been on the agenda. TIM WCAP start-ups have been exploring this area for years. Leveraging the Open Innovation method, integrating not only technical but also humanistic skills, they have created solutions and services that are already available to citizens and the cultural ecosystem.



One of the most interesting is Ttattà Go, a service conceived and developed by AMV Idealab. It is a digital assistant that aims to enhance the food and wine, historical-cultural and natural heritage. In response to requests made by users, using their geolocation, it identifies and suggests in real time what to do, see and eat in their immediate vicinity.



Other applications explore the role of digital tools in popularising art and culture. One of these is definitely ArtPlace, which aims to relaunch the tourism sector by promoting Italian excellence in the fields of art, culture, food and wine. One of the distinctive features of the platform is the opportunity to use Beacons, i.e. small transmitters that some museums or businesses place near works of art or other objects of interest, and which allow you to view a whole series of additional information on your smartphone.



The lockdown revived public interest towards the so-called “Virtual Visits”, which some museum institutions promoted during the crisis. Thanks to the experience gained in the partnership with Skylab StudiosStargraph develops projects able to transform both the digital and the on-site visit, using mixed reality techniques that enrich the experience in an immersive way. At the same time, anonymised data from visitors are collected with the aim of creating new business opportunities.



Other start-ups focus on solving the problem of bringing art closer to disabled people, allowing for particular forms of use. Tooteko uses tactile exploration technologies, integrating them with audio data, in order to make the experience as realistic as possible even for the blind and partially sighted. The platform also offers integrated services tailored to meet the needs of any “inclusive” museum: from solid architecture, to personalised design, to developing immersive and virtual worlds designed for these categories of visitors.

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