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TIM WCAP: a story of innovation

Over the last 10 years, our hubs in Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Catania have been helping the brightest ideas to take shape and find a place on the market.

05/24/2020 - 10:39 AM

TIM WCAP's success stories come from every sector of digital innovation. The stars of this initiative are young digital entrepreneurs, full of creativity and determination. One such entrepreneur is Francesco Paolo Russo, founder and CEO of the startup To Be, a pioneering company in Li-Fi communication, using light for data transmission. This is a green technology, with very low energy consumption.

Francesco and To Be's story is one of Italian innovation, built on creativity, determination and teamwork, but also on a focus on the environment and the will to foster Italian cultural and museum heritage. TIM WCAP, TIM's Open Innovation programme, gave Francesco and his idea the opportunity to grow and become a solid business. Today Li-Fi has become an international standard, with many use applications in urban areas and has also been adopted by TIM.


TIM WCAP's mission, with hubs in Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Catania, is to find innovative solutions created by Italian startups and SMEs and integrate them with TIM's digital platforms. Since its launch, it has collaborated with both the main strategic players in the ICT world and those focussed on innovation, such as institutions, associations, universities, companies, incubators and accelerators. One of the most important Italian communities for digital innovation has been built around TIM WCAP. After years of work across Italy to promote digital entrepreneurship to younger generations, the initiative is now increasingly focused on TIM's business objectives, seizing the opportunity bring innovation into its portfolio of products and solutions.


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