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Full Year 2008 Financial Results

02/27/2009 - 04:00 PM

On Friday, February 27, 2009 a conference call took place to review the Telecom Italia Group's full year 2008 financial results, approved by the Board of Directors.

Revenues: 30,158 million euro; -2.3%, in organic terms, with a progressive improvement in the fourth quarter on previous quarters

Ebitda: 11,367 million euro (down 301 million euro, -2.6% compared with 2007); -4.2% (down 5.5% in the previous year) in organic terms

Organic ebitda margin equal to 38.8% over the year, significantly exceeding the 2008 target; impressive performance principally attributed to domestic operations and effective cost control

Q4 organic ebitda margin back to growth compared to the fourt quarter 2007 (+2.2%);

Net income: 2,214 million euro

Net debt of 34,039 million euro, down around 1,700 million euro compared with year-end 2007; net debt/ebitda ratio 2.99 (3.06 at year-end 2007) in line with target

Proposed dividend distribution equal to 5 euro cents for ordinary shares and 6.1 euro cents for saving shares.