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The Club services

11/30/2015 - 04:00 PM

Here below, a brief description of the main free services thought for the Telecom Italia individual shareholders and other Club's members.

Information on Telecom Italia Group

Press Release on latest Telecom Italia financial results: after the pubblication of the fquarterly financial results, it is possible receive the related press release. The document contains the main information regarding the quarter under review, financial and operating data and news about other possible issues.

Email alert: the e-mail alert service alow to receive the latest news published on the Investors section of the Telecom Italia website directly to the e-mail address indicated on the registration form. Specifically, you can choose from the following types of content:

  • economic/financial press releases
  • corporate press releases
  • business press releases
  • Shareholders’ Office notices
  • presentations
  • financial reports (quarterly, interim, financial statements)
  • analysts recommendationsMethod of receipt: e-mails containing the category, title and date of the publication of new content of interest to you, with links taking you directly to the content on the Telecom Italia site

Stock watch

SMS Alert: the SMS Alert service informs you, free-of-charge, anywhere you are, on the daily performance of Telecom Italia shares, directly on the mobile number you have indicated on your registration form.
Every day, at the close of stock market trading, you receive the closing price and the percentage change compared to the day before for the Telecom Italia ordinary and savings shares, as well as the daily percentage change in the FTSE MIB index.

Weekly Stock Market Reports: every week it's possible to receive by e-amil the link to the PDF document which resume the weekly stock performance. The aim is to provide a clear and complete overview which presents the following information:

  1. Focus on the main world stock exchanges and related indeces
  2. European Telecommunication sector performance vs other sectors
  3. Main TLC European operators performance (including Telecom Italia ordinary and savings shares) updated (weekly, yearly and year-to-date)
  4. Telecom Italia shares (ordinary and savings) performance vs Italian market and related index