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TIM is hiring new professionals

Senior and Junior job openings for TIM Enterprise.

09/15/2022 - 02:40 PM

TIM is seeking new professionals for the commercial area of TIM Enterprise, dedicated to companies and the public administration.

We are looking for: Pre-Sales ICT Designers, Post-Sales Technical Project Managers, Project Management Officers, Key Account Managers, Account Managers.

Pre-Sales ICT Designers should have an electronic, computer, or telecommunications engineering degree and should have a passion for the cloud and ICT. They will be responsible for planning and implementing high-tech solutions for the public administration and will support vendors in identifying clients’ needs by proposing innovative solutions.

  • LocationsMilan, Turin, Rome.

For the Post-Sales Technical Project Managers, we are seeking recent graduates with telecommunications, electronic, or computer engineering degrees and junior project managers who will be dedicated to creating and marketing solutions for companies to enable their digital transformation. They will work on traditional projects (fixed and mobile networks) as well as on innovative ones, such as IoT, 5G, cloud, and big data. 

  • Locations: Turin, Milan, Padua, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Florence. 

Project Management Officers should have a telecommunications, computer, or electronic engineering or equivalent degree and will be responsible for managing and implementing complex, innovative projects. They should have at least 7 years of experience in designing IT solutions and managing agile strategic application development solutions. They should have a PMP Certification, a Scrum Master Certification, or equivalent and have business analysis skills.

  • Locations: Rome, Milan.

Key Account Managers and Account Managers will market ICT and network solutions with the goal of maximising profitability and market share. Ideal candidates will have a degree in telecommunications engineering and/or a technical/economic field and will have experience selling IT/ICT to businesses and the public administration.

  • Locations: across Italy.

For all positions, candidates are required to know English. We offer new hires permanent employment contracts, continuous training and certifications, and the opportunity to work in a strategic environment for managing TIM's commercial processes.

Go here for further information about all requirements for submitting an application.