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Advanced training: TIM Academies

Certified advanced training

06/08/2022 - 03:32 PM

Companies need extensive and current skills to digitalise. It is precisely in response to this need that the TIM Academies were established, certified advanced training courses that we have been offering since 2020 in collaboration with major universities and the major players in technological innovation such as Google, Nokia, Cisco, Randstad and Umana.

Our Academies are aimed at young graduates and professionals who are already working and who acquire essential skills for their future through specialisation courses.

Around 150 students, including recent graduates and professionals, have already attended TIM Academies. Of these, more than 40 recent graduates found employment either at TIM or at project partner companies.

Advanced training courses

Several Academies have been initiated since the start of the project:

  • AI Academy, with two further training courses: AI Business & Strategic Applications & Ethics & Artificial Intelligence Rights & Policies.
  • 5G Academy, with two courses aimed at different targets: post-graduate and professional.
  • Digital HR Academy, with an open course programme in Digital HR.
  • HR Empowerment Academy, with a refresher course of the same name.
  • Management Academy, with two further training courses aimed at two different targets: Flex EMBA and Junior MBA.
  • Robotics Academy, with an advanced course in Robotics in Education.
  • Cyborg Security Academy, with an advanced course of the same name.
  • IoT, with an advanced course of the same name.
  • Quantum Academy, with an advanced course in Quantum Communication and Computing.
  • Sustainability Academy, with an advanced course in sustainability management.

The Academies programme also includes internships project work and workshops, the latter in collaboration with TIM's Innovation Labs.

TIM Academies also represent an opportunity for professionals already working in the TIM Group. Many colleagues have benefited from Academies training courses, with the aim of updating their skills to contribute to the evolution of business.

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