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Smart working

Agile Work at TIM

They call it ‘agile working’, ‘remote working’ or, frequently, ‘smart working’, and it’s a flexible, innovative approach to work.

02/20/2020 - 01:01 PM

It came to TIM in 2016 as a tool for developing digitalisation, increasing productivity and enhancing social, economic and environmental sustainability, and since 2019 it has been part of our company’s way of working.

After an important, extended trial phase which saw positive feedback from workers and managers alike, we shared the right formula for harmonising work and life time with the Trade Unions, with a particular focus on promoting personal and professional responsibility among the parties involved.

From 2019, Agile Work therefore became part of TIM’s way of working for the people in compatible roles, also thanks to major investment in developing skills such as using digital work tools, the capacity for collaboration and sharing and new ways of managing work teams.

Around 16,000 people are part of the Agile Work scheme to date. They can make use of 52 days a year working either from home (for up to 44 days) or from satellite offices, company offices other than their own.

This decision also implies daily commitment to optimal digital transformation, extending the workspace and making it virtual and enhancing quality of life and work.

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Smart working

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