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Communicating and working inclusively

Communicating and working inclusively

Our solutions for employees with disabilities.

04/17/2024 - 03:20 PM

At TIM, we believe that inclusion should be a major part of all aspects of professional life, especially communication.

To remove communication barriers and achieve inclusive communication with all our people, we deploy a range of tools and resources on a daily basis at board meetings, staff meetings and corporate events: these include Italian Sign Language (LIS) interpreters who are on hand to step in at a moment's notice, live audio description, subtitling and an online Sign Language translation service, as well as a technology platform that enables deaf people to make and receive phone calls via an app based on text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology.

Photo of the “Nessuno escluso” (No-one is excluded) event held on 15 April 2024 to update employees with sensory disabilities on the strategic plan and company evolution.

We believe it is essential to ensure that every person can work without discrimination. Consequently, we do not limit ourselves to eliminating physical and cultural barriers, but strive to listen to the specific needs of everyone in order to identify customised solutions.

Our Disability Management plan is based on recognising the competencies of people with disabilities according to the new UN vision of disability as an interaction with the ecosystem. 
Disability will be discussed at the Diversity Media Awards, of which TIM is a sponsor. During the event, the 2023 Diversity Media Report - an annual study on the representation of gender and gender identity, age, sexual and affective orientation, disability, ethnicity and physical appearance in the Italian media - will also be presented. Furthermore, disability will also be a key topic of the Accessibility Days event, also sponsored by TIM.

TIM employs around 1,300 people with disabilities, ranging from deafness to visual impairment (partial or total), mobility impairments, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, and oncological diseases.
For a person with a disability, working at TIM means having access to additional hardware and software equipment to work from home, arriving at the office and finding a reserved parking space and a dedicated workstation, but also having a manager who has received specific training and is better able to understand the world of disability and manage it in the workplace.
Specific resources are also available for deaf and dyslexic colleagues.
These are just some of the initiatives carried out by TIM as part of its Disability Management plan to ensure that all our employees are able to work without discrimination.