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Colaninno meets top politicians in Argentina and Brazil

09/26/2000 - 12:00 PM

Yesterday in Buenos Aires, Telecom Italia Chairman and CEO Roberto Colaninno met with the President of the Argentinian Republic, Ferdinando de la Rua. This meeting was the first of a series of meetings to be held with top government officials as Mr. Colaninno undertakes a tour of Latin America.

During yesterday´s long and cordial meeting, the Telecom Italia Chairman illustrated the Group´s Latin America development and investment strategies to President de la Rua, with a special focus on Argentina, where Telecom Italia and partner France Telecom have a controlling stake in Telecom Argentina. Roberto Colaninno emphasized that Telecom Italia is keen to give the greatest impetus to growth in Internet services. He also announced a soon-to-be-launched commercial package modeled on "E-Vai", a venture that has been very successful in Italy. The Telecom Italia Group is also counting on growth in mobile telephony and broadband data transmission.

Together with Telecom Argentina and subsidiary companies Entel Bolivia and Entel Chile, Telecom Italia recently founded the Latin American Nautilus company. This is set to make Telecom Italia a leading player in the Latin American data transmission and Internet operator, with plans to win over 20% of the regional connectivity and international services market through an USD800 million investment plan.

The Latin America tour continued today in Brazil, where the Telecom Italia Chairman had meetings with Telecommunications Minister João Pimenta da Veiga, Development, Industry and Commerce Minister Aleide Tapias, and the Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Board (Anatel). Telecom Italia Group strategies and consolidation of investments featured prominently during these discussions in Brazil, where an auction of new PCS licenses is soon to be completed.

Telecom Italia´s Brazilian interests include three mobile telephony companies - Maxitel, Tele Celular Sul and Tele Nordeste - and fixed telephony company Brasil Telecom. In June, Telecom Italia acquired 30% of Brazil´s leading Internet portal Globo.com.