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Telecom Italia headhunting Italians in the US

02/15/2001 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia is in New York, working in the front line at the "International battle for talent", an event being held at Columbia University to bring together Italian students from the US´s most prestigious business schools with a number of international-standard corporations. The purpose of the event is to promote direct contact and offer companies the chance to recruit highly qualified talent, as well as develop incentives to attract the brightest prospects to Italy.

Held on 16, 17 and 18 February, the event is being promoted by NOVA (the Association of Italian MBA Students) with the help of the Italian Consulate in New York. More than 80 students who have studied at the best-known business schools in the United States (MIT in Boston, Columbia Business School, New York University and others) are to meet representatives from Italian and international industry and finance over the three day meeting.

Day one, Friday 16 February, is dedicated to "The role of Italians in the international battle for talent". Guests include Nobel Prizewinner for Economics Prof. Franco Modigliani. As well as Telecom Italia, represented on this occasion by Mario Luzzi, Head of Group Strategy, top managers from, MyQube, Bain, Cuneo e Associati, Marzotto, Italtel and At Kearney will all be taking part.

The Telecom Italia Group, operative in 19 countries world-wide, has adopted a multinational company management model in order to compete at a global level, and is keen for human resources to be a key driver in creation of value.

As well as sponsoring the event, Telecom Italia will also subsequently hold two days of interviews with students in New York. The objective is to seize this opportunity to develop a direct line of contact with highly qualified and promising young professionals.

The acquisition of new talent by networking with MBA graduates from the US´s most prestigious business schools is the first stage of a program to enhance Group resources and international competitiveness.