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The article appeared in ''L'Espresso'' magazine, regarding the acquisition of a participation in Telekom Serbjia is wholly groundless

03/02/2001 - 12:00 PM

With regard to an article that appeared today in "L´Espresso" magazine, under the title Grattacapi da ragioniere, Telecom Italia wishes to state that the reconstruction contained in the article is wholly groundless and runs counter to the truth.

In particular, Telecom Italia Chairman and CEO Roberto Colaninno has never ordered any review of documents or materials regarding the acquisition of a participation in Telekom Srbjia by the legal and corporate functions of Telecom Italia. There ever been any kind of selection of these documents carried out in view of inquiries begun by the Attorney´s Office of Turin and of acquisition of documents by the Revenue Guard Corps on behalf of the Attorney´s Office. The Attorney´s Office has been granted the fullest, most transparent cooperation, including timely provision of all existing documentation.

Moreover, the Telecom Italia Chairman and CEO has not brought forward his return from missions abroad, as may be testified by the journalists accompanying Minister Letta to Iran. Nor has Mr Colaninno, for the same alleged motives, closed down "access to internal archives" within the company.

For these reasons, Telecom Italia has instructed its lawyers to pursue all opportune avenues to protect the company´s image and its rights, and to assess whether the article in question contains sufficient grounds for slander.