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The activities and the responsibilities of the international sector have been redifinied

04/03/2001 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia announces that it has redefined the activities and the responsibilities of the international sector.

Enzo Badalotti has assumed the reins of the International Operations Business Unit, into which the Corporate Development function will be transferred.

Enzo Badalotti mantains on an interim basis his position as Chief Executive Officer of Telespazio.

The international network and traffic activities will be integrated into those of Telecom Italia Wireline Services.

Also within the framework of Wireline Services, Rocco Sabelli (Head of TI Wireline Services) will also take responsibility for the companies that are at the head of the Nautilus project, including Mediterranean Nautilus and Latin America Nautilus.

Giulia Nobili and Oscar Cicchetti will remain within the Telecom Italia Group to assume new positions.