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Telecom Italia launches residential market broadband

04/24/2001 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia Wireline is continuing to invest in network infrastructure, and is now a full year ahead of schedule to extend ADSL coverage to 600 cities in Italy by the end of 2001 (corresponding to about 80% of the population). With the launch of BB·B, Telecom Italia Wireline has rounded off its broadband offerings for the residential market and opened the door to second generation fixed-line telephony.

Between 2001 and 2003, Telecom Italia Wireline will be investing more than 5,000 billion lire in network infrastructure, services, products and Data Centers.

"Our broadband plan," emphasizes Roberto Colaninno, Telecom Italia Chairman and CEO, "further confirms Telecom Italia´s unwavering desire to cater for the needs of an increasingly competitive, constantly evolving marketplace, especially in the run-up to full unbundling of the local loop."

"It is precisely in the field of new broadband services and technological innovation, backed up by significant investments," adds Rocco Sabelli, Head of Telecom Italia Wireline, "that the most important battle for the future of wireline telephony will be fought."

BB·B is a brand-new ADSL offering targeted at families, the freelance professionals and small businesses. It has been designed around customer requirements, specifically to encourage mass take-up of broadband in Italy.

This offering has been developed by Telecom Italia Wireline, the Telecom Italia business unit for fixed-line telephony and Internet for businesses, in collaboration with Seat Pagine Gialle portal Virgilio.

BB·B: brand-new commercial policy
Telecom Italia Wireline meets market demand by offering a broadband solution that brings simple and immediate access to the world of broadband.

The strong point of BB·B is that it is a "ready to run" solution, which comprises: ADSL access, modem, filters, home delivery including installation and PC configuration and, through collaboration with Virgilio, a guide to Internet multimedia content, all for 83,000 lire per month (plus VAT).

The offer includes:

- ADSL technology Internet access offering always-on connection at speeds of up to 256 Kbps downstream and 128 Kbps upstream
- modem and filters
- home delivery and installation of modem and filters
- on-site configuration of customer PC
- 20 MB web space
- 1 e-mail address with 10 MB of space
- free telephone helpline

Until 30 June 2001, new subscribers do not have to pay the standard connection fee of 250,000 lire (plus VAT).

BB·B comes with a coupon that enables Broad Band Box customers to purchase and receive home delivery of a webcam and headset microphone for 79,000 lire (VAT included). At a saving of around 40% on recommended retail prices, these devices make it possible to get the most of the Internet, opening up the world of videoconferencing and the ever-increasing number of interactive services on the Web.

In collaboration with Virgilio and, BB·B offers a whole new Web experience: not just faster and more rewarding Web navigation, but the future of the Internet, including´s new videomail and multimedia instant messaging services (send video messages or enjoy real-time audio-video chat). Starting in May, BB·B users will have direct access to Virgilio X, the brand-new broadband portal offering a selection of the best of the Web.

The greatest strength of BB·B lies in its flexibility: it is built to adapt as the market evolves. BB·B transmission speeds can be increased up to television signal levels. To mark the launch of its new broadband offering, Telecom Italia Wireline has prepared a demo TV channel broadcast using a normal telephone wire.

BB·B: innovative marketing strategy
In its desire to demonstrate how valuable broadband can be for the whole family, Telecom Italia Wireline is showing different members of the family concrete examples of useful broadband applications.

For example, music lovers can download a track in just three minutes, rather than the 20 minutes necessary using a standard modem; sports enthusiasts can watch crystal-clear full-motion highlights from football matches; people who are away from home can remotely monitor their home environment, or talk and see people far away; children can learn by printing out drawings to color in, or else color in objects on line using the mouse, not to mention watch cartoons or listen to their favorite theme tunes; freelance professionals have a fundamental need to be able to connect to databases at any time of day or night to keep up with industry news, transmit "heavyweight" documents without sending them by courier, and take advantage of online videoconferencing.