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Telecom Italia: erroneous reference to regulatory provisions regarding de-merger cited by Traversa

04/26/2001 - 12:00 PM

In regard to statements made today by the Commissioner for the Communications Regulatory Authority, Silvio Traversa, concerning putative measures whereby Telecom would be forced to de-merge its fixed-line network, Telecom Italia stresses that the provisions cited are erroneous or inappropriate.

Specifically, the Community directive to which Commissioner Traversa appears to make reference in his statements only applies to companies that own both a fixed-line telecommunications network and a cable television network, a situation that most emphatically does not apply to Telecom Italia.

Moreover, Telecom Italia considers it particularly serious and unacceptable that an individual member of the Regulatory Authority should issue statements in advance of conclusions being reached by the collective body responsible for decision-making, as well as being in manifest violation of the Authority´s own ethical regulations.