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Defined the Group's new managerial line up

10/01/2001 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia announces the Group´s new managerial line up. Chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera oversees the following central functions:

- Communication and Image, managed by Gian Carlo Rocco di Torrepadula
- Human Resources, managed by Gustavo Bracco
- Internal Audit, managed by Armando Focaroli
- Public and Economic Affairs, managed by Riccardo Perissich
- Strategy, managed by Mario Luzzi.

CEO Carlo Buora oversees the following central functions and operational activities:

- Corporate and Legal Affairs, managed by Pierpaolo Cotone
- Finance, Administration and Control, managed by Enrico Parazzini
- Investor Relations, managed by Alberto Borgia
- I.S. and Technology, managed by Arrigo Andreoni, with responsibility for: I.T. Services, managed by Gilberto Ricci and Telecom Italia Lab, managed by Andrea Granelli
- Purchasing, managed by Germanio Spreafico
- Real Estate and General Services, managed by Salvatore Sardo
- International Operations, managed by Alessandro Bonetti.

CEO Enrico Bondi oversees the following business units and functions:

- Domestic Wireline, managed by Riccardo Ruggiero
- Mobile, managed by Marco De Benedetti
- Internet and Media, managed by Paolo Dal Pino
- Telespazio, managed by Salvatore Pinto
- Employee and Industrial Relations, managed by Giuseppe Parrello
- Operational Planning, managed by Roberto Maglione
- Regulatory Affairs, managed by Andrea Camanzi
- Security, managed by Luciano Gallo Modena.