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Telecom Italia: new communications organization

11/22/2001 - 12:00 PM

The Telecom Italia Group Communications department has been reorganized. In accordance with Marco Tronchetti Provera´s strategic guidelines, the management of the Communication and Image department, headed by GianCarlo Rocco di Torrepadula, has been reorganized to centralize functions and simplify its structure in the pursuit of transparency and efficiency.

GianCarlo Rocco di Torrepadula, aged 58, formerly Head of Communications at the Pirelli Group, where as part of the Group restructuring process he managed an image relaunch through highly integrated international communications, is in charge of Telecom Italia Group-wide communication and image strategy creation and implementation.

The unit operates through two structures: Communication & Media Relations, headed by Gianluca Comin and Advertising & Image headed by Andrea Kerbaker.

Gianluca Comin, aged 38, a journalist who was previously in charge of external relations at Montedison, oversees Communication & Media Relations, whose mission is to ensure Group institutional, financial and commercial communication with the Italian and international media, and to run Corporate publishing operations undertaken via traditional and new media.

Media Relations operations of Group companies and business units have been centralized under parent company Telecom Italia into the following units:
- Group Press Office, headed by Matteo Fabiani has the brief to ensure the institutional and economic and financial communications of Telecom Italia and its subsidiary companies with the Italian media. At the Group Press Office are Federico Fabretti, Head of TIM Group communication, and Edoardo Bus, Head of Seat-Pagine Gialle Group communication.
- Product Press Office, headed by Alessandro Di Giacomo, with the task of ensuring sales and regulatory issue related communication with media regarding the offerings of Domestic Wireline, TIM, Seat-Pagine Gialle and all other Telecom Italia Group companies. Mr Di Giacomo is also responsible for Telecom Italia´s outlying press offices, which have been reorganized into eight macro areas coordinated by Fabio di Spirito: Piedmont-Val D´Aosta, Lombardy, Veneto-Trentino A.A.-Friuli V.G., Tuscany-Liguria-Umbria, Emilia Romagna-Marches, Lazio-Abruzzo-Molise-Sardinia, Campania-Basilicata-Puglia, and Calabria-Sicily. The Product Press Office is staffed by Massimiliano Paolucci, in charge of Domestic Wireline communication, Federico Fabretti, in charge of TIM Group communication, Edoardo Bus, in charge of Seat-Pagine Gialle communication, and Gabriele Sciacca, in charge of IT-Services, Telespazio and Telecom Italia Lab communication.
- International Communication, headed by Bruno Contigiani, has the brief of guaranteeing the economic and financial communications needs of Telecom Italia and its subsidiary companies with the international media. At International Communication Daniela Bracco is in charge of the International Press Office, Federico Fabretti is in charge of TIM communication and Edoardo Bus is in charge of Seat communication.

Working under Gianluca Comin is Loredana Grimaldi, whose role is to conduct publishing and documentation operations, as well as management of Corporate content on web sites and of image consistency across Internet/intranet sites.

Andrea Kerbaker, aged 41, who previously worked as head of advertising at Pirelli, is Head of Advertising & Image, whose brief is to ensure realization of advertising ventures, sponsorship and events for the whole Telecom Italia Group, both for institutional issues and products, working directly with counterparts at individual business units and subsidiary companies. Mr Kerbaker has special responsibility for selecting the agencies commissioned to develop advertising campaigns, which - along with Advertising operations at business unit level - will be assessed by a Group-wide Steering Committee, on which will sit Chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera, CEOs Enrico Bondi and Carlo Buora, and the heads of business units and subsidiary companies. Mr Kerbaker also has responsibility for drawing up framework agreements with agencies, media centres or directly with major media outlets so that the Group obtains the most favourable purchase conditions for advertising space, in addition to pinpointing and selecting major sponsorship possibilities of Group interest.

Advertising & Image consists of:
- Corporate Advertising & Image headed by Dario Chirichigno, whose brief is to ensure Group institutional advertising communication and Corporate Identity optimization.
- Corporate Sponsoring & Events headed by Carlotta Ventura, whose brief is to ensure sponsorship, events and cultural activities management, in coordination with counterpart operations undertaken at Group level.

Advertising & Image supervises all of Telecom Italian Group advertising management operations:
- Advertising - Domestic Wireline, headed by Stefano Cagnoni, has the task of conducting the execution of product advertising for the business unit.
- Advertising - Mobile, headed by Giuseppe Fiaschetti, has the task of conducting the execution of product advertising for the business unit.
- Advertising - Internet and Media, headed by Giorgio Iegiani, has the task of conducting the execution of product advertising for the business unit.
- Advertising - I.S. and Technology and Telespazio, looks after product advertising for these business units.