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NETikos’ NewsLoader @ JavaOne presented by Nokia

04/03/2002 - 12:00 PM

NETikos, a Telecom Italia Group company specialized in services, and products for Mobile Internet, has  developed  NewsLoader presented by Nokia at JavaOne, the most world’s important Java Developer Conference (San Francisco, 25-29/03/02).

The NewsLoader - Newsreader for Nokia 9210 - allows the user to download the latest news to his device to read offline. The news sources can come from servers on the Internet or servers in closed networks based on IP. Modules for different services are created using some simple Java API.
The NewsLoader will be available in two different versions: in the Light Version, without server, the software is installed directly on the Nokia 9210; in the Standard Version the client selects the news directly from a server in order to personalize the user’s press review.
Additionally this version allows a more sophisticated authentication and authorization.

The NETikos’ NewsLoader was presented by Nokia @ JavaOne Conference on a Nokia Communicator 9210, 9290 (which works in the US) and on the Nokia 6310i (MIDP java).

NETikos Overview
The NETikos Group - headquarters in Rome, subsidiaries in Pisa, Brussels, Helsinki and Rio de Janeiro - was seeded by Telecom Italia to cope with the growing market demand for Internet and wireless solutions. NETikos´ intent is to be the one-stop-shop partner to solve all needs related to the Mobile Internet, with the goal to allow consumers and corporations to be always online and more effective through wireless applications. NETikos - € 18.8 millions revenues in 2001 - will be the leading company serving the Mobile Internet through professional services, value added solutions and innovative products. His competence place NETikos in the best situation to realize the convergency of the Internet and wireless solutions with 2.5 and 3G standards.