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Telecom Italia and the Italian National Research Council Host 2002 International Networking Conference in Pisa

05/17/2002 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia’s Learning Services operating unit and the Italian National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche or CNR)  are behind Networking 2002, Europe’s top industry conference. Held in Pisa between 19 and 24 May, the conference is attracting experts and researchers from around the world.

The evolution of Internet architecture to support multimedia and mobile users provides the core theme of the event. Special sessions focus on mobile Internet, wireless local and personal area networks, and 3G wireless systems.

Attending the conference are delegates from leading worldwide educational institutes. Guests of honour Imrich Chlamtac (Univ. Texas), Randy Kats (Univ. California, Berkeley) and Gerald Maguire (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH– Sweden) are delivering the opening speeches on the main days.

Learning Services is also holding a workshop on 23 May at the Telecom Italia Parco de’ Medici offices, during which a “virtual classroom” offers access to the lectures given by the guests of honour, as transmitted over a proprietary services platform. To find out more, contact fabrizio.davide@telecomitalia.it.

The full programme for the five days of the conference and a great deal more information on Networking2002 is available at www.cnuce.pi.cnr.it/Networking2002.