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Telecom Italia releases its 2001 Financial Statements

05/27/2002 - 12:00 PM

A new design and innovative solutions for rapid and efficient consultation
On line version now fully interactive

The Telecom Italia Group 2001 financial statements, published for the Shareholders’ Meeting in paper form and online, have been redesigned with innovative solutions in mind, combining style and technology to aid rapid and efficient consultation.

The new format is an expression of the desire to simplify the accounts and make them clearer and more easy to understand for all interested parties, whether they be small investors, journalists, analysts or employees, by harnessing solutions that ensure the provision of complete and efficient information while enhancing data accessibility. The Group is keen to achieve the greatest possible transparency in its accounts, and to offer the chance for a comparison on equivalent terms of data spanning different financial years, where necessary through reclassification of the figures for 2000 under equivalent consolidation area conditions. The results are immediately apparent: through rationalization and effecting a selection of content, the page count has been reduced by one third compared with the preceding year, while at the same time guaranteeing accurate, thorough and accessible information.

In addition to the operating accounts, providing information on the Group’s earnings, assets and financial situation, for the first time the Group is also distributing its sustainability accounts, consisting of a social and environmental report. This brings the Group’s accounts reporting system into line with the most widely-adopted international standards; it is a sign of the Group’s quest for sustainable development, combining value creation with social and environmental responsibility.

Of the many new developments making their debut in this year’s financial statements, the most interesting are without doubt the “navigation menu”, an indicator at the top of each page which makes it easy to move from one section to another without having to go back to the table of contents; the “headline data and general information” section devised for the financial community, now enhanced for an instant overview of the Group’s various operations and performance; ad hoc sections for each “business unit”, adopting a uniform approach to the presentation of data and information, preceded by an “executive summary” which offers an outline of significant items in the main body of the text; and of course, lavish use of charts and graphs to aid efficient and easy-to-read communication.

For the first time the financial statements are accompanied by an ideal tool for easy and repeated consultation – a separate booklet of the Group’s highlight figures.
The new design of the accounts carries over to the online version too, which is no longer simply a published collection of files, but now caters to different types of visitor by offering a variety of navigation and content consultation solutions. Interactive consultation is enhanced by the ability, with a single click of the mouse, to call up the Notes on the Accounts, without clearing from the screen the Assets and Liabilities and Statement of Income charts to which the Notes apply. Viewers may also leaf through the accounts page by page, as if they were reading the paper version, or download the document in its entirety or section by section, in either PDF or Excel file formats, offering the chance to access the accounts using the work tool with which each viewer feels most at home.

This new approach to the financial statements is the Group’s way of harnessing ad hoc design tools and technology to guarantee the utmost transparency towards the public, especially its small investors.