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The Telecom Group prepares for the World Cup

06/03/2002 - 12:00 PM

All the services of Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline, TIM and Seat to offer real time results.

Telecom Italia
The Italian national team …scores thanks to Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline

The Italian World Cup delegation will be able to communicate with Italy and the world via the internet, thanks to a series of high-speed links implemented by Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline, Telecom Italia´s business unit for fixed-line operations, at their retreat in Sendai. Players and managers, by virtue of a supply agreement reached with the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC), will be able to use all communication services offered by the internet.
Moreover, a series of multimedia workstations will be made available to the press office and the organisation of the FIGC so that the organisational committee and the press officers can remain in direct touch with Italy from the countries where the football matches are held.
Telecom Italia has, moreover, provided a “turnkey” solution that includes not only the activation of internet access services from mobile terminals but also telecommunication infrastructure services such as fax and telephone lines and above all a Help Desk service that will provide support in Italian and Japanese for the entire duration of the World Cup.

The Blues communicate with TIM mobile phones

During the World Cup the Blues communicate thanks to TIM. The players of our national team will feel closer to home with the mobiles provided by the leading company in the field of mobile telephony, which on the occasion of the most eagerly awaited event of the year will enable its customers to communicate also from South Korea and Japan.  
TIM, the official sponsor of the Italian team has launched many services for the World Cup.
World in Touch Mondiali 2002:before leaving Italy customers can reserve a mobile for South Korea to be used with TIM´s SIM (roaming) card or reserve a local mobile phone for Japan.
Through SMS: all the results of the matches can be obtained in real time directly over the mobile, as well as comments, news, statistics and curiosities.
Con i-TIM Voice: by calling 4444 (TIM´s new voice news service ) customers will discover Speciale Mondiali, a section wholly given over to the championships in Korea and Japan where he or she can obtain all the latest news on the matches, listen to the calls placed by famous Italian and non-Italian players and their comments, hear the World Cup songs and send dedications to friends.
Via WAP: the sections Mondialnews and Direct Stage, which ensure real time results and news on the teams, can be reached through the home page of the WAP portal i-tim.
TIMSpot: a free news service linked to a brief advertising message (launched by TIM in 2000), is now presenting TIMSpot MONDIALI, a section wholly dedicated to the championship. Since the launch of TIMSpot, 1,700,000 have already opted to activate this free service, provided by the agency ANSA, which guarantees up to 5 SMS a day. to enrol, its is sufficient to send the free SMS MONDIALI to the number 42420.
To learn more about the numerous TIM services for the World Cup it is sufficient to call 119 or link up to the site

The whole world cup, minute by minute, on 89.24.24

For the entire period of the 2002 World Cup direct calls to the number 89.24.24 , without any prefix and from any fixed or mobile operator news on all the matches, goals, main events, comments on matches in progress and curiosities of today and yesterday will be available over the live voice of a Pronto Page Gialle operator.
The principal information that can be obtained are: real time - the progress of a match taking place (results, goal scorers, expulsions, penalties, free-kicks, replacements, comments on the progress of the match)- results and classifications - information on all the matches and teams´ qualification chances-; teams and players - players present and absent, classification of scorers-; calendar of matches; TV coverage of the World Cup.
89.24.24 is increasingly becoming a real national voice portal that adapts and grows in correspondence to specific information requirements of customers.
The information service on the World Cup held in Korea and Japan of 89.24.24, is provided in cooperation with the Sport channel of the internet portal Virgilio (