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Banksiel: renewal of Facility Management contract with Credito Fondiario e Industriale – Morgan Stanley

07/29/2002 - 12:00 PM

Rome, 29 July 2002 - Banksiel (Finsiel Group) has had its Facility Management contract renewed with the Roman-based Credito Fondiario e Industriale (Fonspa), controlled by Morgan Stanley. The contract will run for five years and is worth 8 million euros.

The service, managed by Banksiel’s Facility Management Group, is underpinned by technical skill and knowledge of the client’s Information System and can draw on the processing systems and basic services (system engineers and operational management) that have been developed by Netsiel.

The agreement provides for the adoption of development and production environments, equipped with basic software and environmental management subsystems;  Banksiel will also oversee the general and technical management of the entire informatics environment on the host, leaving only overall policy and control in the Client’s hands.

Banksiel’s bid, which also has provisions for a Disaster Recovery service – a sector in which Banksiel has recently successfully carried out a test involving the resumption  of service on a remote server, both host and departmental, within 24 hours of a disaster being declared – was preferred to those of other competitors, its organizational model proving a winner thanks to the high level of service it guarantees.