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34th "Barcolana” Yacht Race Online with Insiel

09/05/2002 - 12:00 PM

On 13 October thousands of competitors will be battling it out around the buoys of the 34th Barcolana race, a popular competition held in the Gulf of Trieste organized each year by the Barcola and Grignano sailing clubs. This year Finsiel/Telecom Italia Group company Insiel is running the web site for this international event (set sail for

The web site offers a vast array of content, from the event’s history to the latest weather forecasts, video and WebCam coverage of the race, press releases, photo galleries and the latest real-time standings. Press conferences are being held in Vienna, Monaco and Budapest as well as in Italy to publicize presentation of the web site.

The Finsiel/Telecom Italia Group has a long history of working with sport, and is happy to offer its know-how and advanced technologies to this unique international yachting competition.

The Barcolana race – an inimitable blend of seafaring, winds, boats, sporting prowess, fun, fashion and tradition – this year has a new award: race organizers will be handing out an antique metal plaque, the Barcolana: old sailor award, to yachtsmen who have taken part in at least 20 races over the years. Affixed to the bulkhead, hard by the map-reading table, the plaque will gleam as a beacon to passion, commitment and excellence.