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Siena Town Council and Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline wire up Siena. Trials completed

10/10/2002 - 12:00 PM

Over 21,000 properties connected to the Telecom Italia fibre-optic network, 60 km of optical cable laid to provide 8,900 km of fibre and 225 km of coaxial cable. Project investment exceeds €17.5 million.

Two years after the Siena Town Council and Telecom Italia first began working together on trials, the plan to wire up the city of Siena has now become fully operational.
“Siena is the first city in Italy where nobody needs an aerial or satellite dish on the roof,” says Maurizio Cenni, Mayor of Siena. “The new network offers every single Web-based online service currently available on the market, plus online applications for interacting with the Town Council and other local government bodies.”
Riccardo Ruggiero, Telecom Italia CEO, says: “Telecom Italia has spent over €17.5 million on the most advanced telecommunications transmission technologies to wire up 21,000 properties using 60 km of high-capacity optical cable, providing 8,900 km of fibre and 225 km of underground coaxial cable.”
The Siena Town Council is Italy’s first to launch a whole series of e-projects, including the use of digital signatures and the erection of multimedia booths to offer online access to local government services in public places.
Telecom Italia is currently completing a network upgrade for a further 5,000 dwellings for the Town Council in the Petriccio, Acquacalda, Vico Alto, Marciano/Cappuccini, Bottega Nuova, Scacciapensieri, Porta Tufi and Porta Romana districts.
Telecom Italia´s innovation expertise and technological know-how have found an ideal partner in the Siena local administration, which has long been keen to improve services for residents and, as one would expect of a town like Siena, for traders and tourists. Siena continues to offer a favourable environment for the development of the latest online services and applications, much to the advantage of local people and businesses. Innovation of this nature helps to increase the penetration of e-commerce and e-government tools, encouraging new services that generate both high standards of performance and lower production costs.