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The Telecom Italia Group brings innovative offerings, technologies and services, from Alice to new MMS messaging, to SMAU 2002

10/24/2002 - 12:00 PM

Newly crowned 250cc motorbike World Champion Marco Melandri to appear on the Telecom Italia stand

The Telecom Italia Group’s main companies and business units will be out in force at SMAU 2002, one of the world´s top ICT trade fairs.
New offerings and technologically advanced services for an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving marketplace are on show from Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline, TIM, Seat PG and Finsiel.

“Alice” is the undisputed star of Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline’s stand at SMAU 2002. Visitors can get hands-on experience of the potential of broadband and try out information, animation and interaction exhibits designed to offer an easy and fun introduction to this world. The wonderland opened up by the “Alice” range occupies around 1,000 sq m of exhibition space in Pavilion 15/1, including the innovative “Alice TIMe” package and “Alice 640” and “Alice Mega”, the most advanced solutions for seasoned websurfers and corporate users. The latest wireless broadband connections are in great demand, notably “Alice Flash” for the consumer market and the “Smart” range of products for small and medium-sized companies.
On 24 October recently crowned 250cc World Champion Marco Melandri will be bringing along his Aprilia motorbike for a special guest appearance on the Telecom Italia stand. The wonderful world of “Alice” and the winner of the world motorbike championship are no strangers to speed, the thrill of competition, the challenge of performing and the benefits of technological innovation.

MMS messaging is spearheading the TIM display. Pavilion 15/1 will also be showcasing Java videogames that turn cellphones into gaming consoles, video clips of football goals sent directly to mobile phone screens complete with commentary, the latest GPRS services, a digital pen for sending handwritten text messages as e-mails, and Blackberry for messaging management on the move. The “Play into the Future” exhibit is taking over an entire area of the stand to provide a sneak preview of TIM’s latest mobile technologies, including UMTS video phone calls, MMS messaging, video on demand and the i-TIM VOICE portal. Members of the public are invited to try out all of TIM’s latest offerings at SMAU 2002.

Seat PG is represented by Tin.it, which is sponsoring SMAU ILP, Italy´s foremost online video gaming event (http://www.smau.it/smauilp). SMAU ILP is following in the illustrious footsteps of  the Italian LAN Party, Italy´s first multimedia gaming tournament.
The event revolves around a major Europe-wide video game tournament in which between 1,500 and 2,000 gamers are expected to take part; over 300,000 visitors are forecast to visit the huge exhibition space during SMAU.
The Tin.it stand (B09 - Pav. 9/2) offers the public a wide range of Internet access offerings, including ADSL for residential and business customers, and the latest easy-to-use and excellent value Wi-Fi connections. Products and services purchased directly from the stand are available at discounts of up to 20%.
Seat PG is also represented at Pavilion 11 (stand E4) by Consodata, Europe´s leading one-to-one marketing services company, through the GIALLO DATA brand, which is showcasing its latest direct marketing services for SMEs, including e-mail marketing.

Finsiel – the Telecom Italia Group’s Information Technology Market Business Unit – has for many years been Italy´s leader in domestic software development, systems integration and consulting. This year Finsiel is bringing more than 30 solutions selected from its range to SMAU 2002 (Pav. 20/I stand A15 – Area Cittadino e Istituzioni). Finsiel provides a one-stop shop of products and services spanning the entire ICT value chain for central and local government organizations, banks and businesses. The company’s solutions harness the expertise and experience of the entire Telecom Italia Group, incorporating specially selected market-leading solutions and platforms and backed up by expert consulting and experience in reprojecting processes, knowledge of the markets and legacy system conversion. An essential role in Finsiel’s range of products and services is played by alliances with the world´s top product and solution providers, enabling Finsiel to serve the market as a true business solution provider.

Telecom Italia Learning Services SpA (http://www.tils.com/), an e-company operating in Learning and Knowledge Management, is at SMAU (Pav. 20 - stand G23) with its range of flexible and technology-driven training systems. TILS provides solutions to help companies organize, manage, create and share knowledge.