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Finsiel: New Sales System for La Rinascente

11/22/2002 - 12:00 PM

Finsiel, the Telecom Italia Group Business Information Technology Market Business Unit, has developed the new GM3 sales system for la Rinascente. This new system, designed jointly with Rinascente’s Information Systems unit, will initially be implemented at the Milano Certosa store before being rolled out to the chain’s other fifteen sales outlets and eight Italian warehouses.

GM3, which is being managed by Finsiel on a full outsourcing basis (application management, network management and facility management) covers the entire provisioning chain (supplier management, product planning and acquisition, warehouseing) including goods distribution between sales outlets and warehouses.

The system design integrates a sales and stock analysis feature called Datawarehouse, which provides a truly strategic tool for sales management and acquisition planning. The system can evolve to incorporate sales planning and electronic access to suppliers.

The application offers a high degree of flexibility in use, and is preconfigured for multiple languages and currencies (with future expansion outside Italy in mind). The entire system has been designed to speed up and increase the efficiency of processes all along the line.

GM3 has been developed specially to meet the requirements of la Rinascente. As such it serves as a model for the whole non-food mass distribution industry.