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Telecom Italia: Public Wi-Fi trials up and running at Linate and Fiumicino Airports

12/16/2002 - 12:00 PM

From today, around 3,000 Telecom Italia customers have high-speed wireless Internet access in public locations. From a palmtop, customers can access prime Internet content and information from the Info412 Portal

Telecom Italia today begins trials of a public space Wi-Fi Wireless-LAN service operating at a frequency of 2,400-2,483.5 MHz. Telecom Italia has selected major high-density public locations in Rome and Milan to trial its new broadband Internet access service. The trial is being undertaken jointly with Megabeam, Italy´s first wireless Internet service provider, which is supplying its airport and hotel hot spots.

Public use Wi-Fi trials will initially be launched at the following locations: Fiumicino Airport, Hotel Artemide, Hotel Starhotel and the Hotel de Russie in Rome;  Linate Airport, Hotel Starhotel Ritz, Hotel Starhotel Rosa and Hotel Starhotel Palace in Milan. Trials will gradually be extended to additional locations of particular interest.

Three thousand eligible Telecom Italia customers can now use a palmtop for broadband Internet access to professional e-mail services integrated with SMS messaging and fax, instant messaging, press reviews, streaming and access to the full range of Info 412 Portal services.    

In July 2002 Telecom Italia was Italy´s first telco to offer Wi-Fi service allied with ADSL technology on private premises. Now, just five months later, following authorization from the Ministry of Communications the company is making further important progress in accelerating the take-up of broadband in Italy.

Megabeam comments that this venture marks the first concrete implementation of its business model, which is open to joint ventures with all wireline and wireless carriers in the conviction that public and private located Wi-Fi is a pioneering market with immense growth potential.

This six-month trial will enable Telecom Italia to test the technology and applications of the service.