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Telecom Italia: Agreement with NTT Communications for Wi-Fi access and broadband services in Japan and Italy

05/17/2005 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia is the first European Partner to have activated the international Wi-Fi roaming service with the Japanese Carrier

Starting from today, Telecom Italia customers that will travel to Japan and NTT Communications customers travelling to Italy, may use their own subscription to browse over internet and have access to broadband services in a wireless mode.

Thanks to specific roaming agreements 45 are the countries in which Telecom Italia Wi-Fi service is active, for a total amount of 20,000 hotspots.

Telecom Italia and NTT Communications (NTT Com) have signed an international roaming agreement on Wi-Fi technology.
Thanks to this agreement Telecom Italia is the first European partner of the Japanese Telecom Operator to activate this service.

Starting from today, all Telecom Italia customers travelling to Japan, will have the possibility of being connected to Internet and using broadband services in a wireless mode in more than 1,500 NTT Com Wi-Fi hotspots all over Japan, using their normal subscription already signed in Italy and with the usual access modalities.
In the same way, all NTT Com customers travelling to Italy will be able to use Telecom Italia Wi-Fi access in about 700 sites presently covering our territory, with no need for new registration, but always using their personal password and username.

This agreement reinforces the activities of Telecom Italia in developing public Wi-Fi service and allows to consolidate network infrastructures interoperability, making them available to customers in growing geographical areas.

With this agreement, 45 are the countries in which Telecom Italia Wi-Fi service is active, for a total amount of 20,000 available access points, thanks to specific roaming agreements with the most important international Telecoms Operators.

Telecom Italia and NTT Com are members of  the Wireless BroadBand Alliance (WBA), whose Partners are many of the most important Telecoms Operators in the world.

Formed in March 2003, the Wireless Broadband Alliance has been created to promote the adoption of wireless broadband technologies and services worldwide, developing a common commercial, technical and marketing approach for interoperability among networks of the various operators.

About NTT Com
NTT Communications is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation (NYSE: NTT) - one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. NTT Com provides high-quality, technologically advanced network management, security and solution services to consumers, corporations and governments on a global basis, with a special focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Its world-class backbone network, combined with the networks of partner companies around the world, offers access to more than 200 countries. NTT Com Group has more than 30 companies in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Americas. The company has garnered several awards for its leading edge technologies, outstanding performance and customer service, including "Best Global Carrier - 2004". For more information, please visit

Milan, 17 May 2005