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Telecom Italia: Olivetti brand relaunch

06/30/2005 - 12:00 PM

2005: New generation of ink jet products
2006: Revamped business offering

2005-2007: Olivetti plans to invest €200 million in Europe, half on research and development

As part of the relaunch of the historic Olivetti brand name, the Telecom Italia Group’s consumer and business market information and communication technology product company today unveiled a new generation of products based on proprietary ink jet technology.

One of Europe’s best-known brands, Olivetti has almost a century’s experience in research and innovation.

In 2004 the company achieved impressive results on the international markets in which it operates:
 In the business sector, Olivetti has an installed base of 1.4 million specialist banking industry printers, corresponding to a 70% share of the world market;
 In the office sector, Olivetti posted 36% growth in sales in its main markets (a total of around 32,000 units sold), compared with market growth of 11%.
 In the consumer sector, Olivetti confirmed its European leadership in ink jet technology fax machines, with a 44% market share (440,000 units) and worldwide inkjet cartridges sales totalling 4.5 million.

The Company has set itself the following targets for the three-year period 2005-2007:

 Investing €200 million in Europe (75% in ink jet technologies), half to be spent on R&D;
 A new consumer line based on the development of a new line of inkjet products;
 Development of the business line through new alliances and the adoption of technologies to extend the range of services offered, in addition to product restyling;
 On a similar consolidation area basis, 2007 consolidated revenue up 38% compared with 2004. This growth will be driven by higher inkjet sales (up 131%), which is expected to account for over 50% of overall turnover by the end of the three-year period;
 EBIT/revenue ratio up from around 3% in 2004 to more than 8% in 2007.

Olivetti is unveiling its latest easy-to-use, distinctively-styled multi-function printers, which combine accessible high-tech in an understated design.

The latest generation of Olivetti products is being designed by internationally-renowned designers. Instantly understandable interfaces, intuitive language and universal icons have been adopted to improve the user experience and ensure ease of use.

Two new types of ink jet printers are being produced:

 ANY_WAY is a multifunction printer designed by James Irvine and Alberto Meda, available in four versions from September 2005, and including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options in the top of the range models;
 MY_WAY is a portable photo printer designed by IDEO and on sale from September 2005, producing excellent results on standard paper, even without a PC.

The relaunch of the Olivetti brand and the new Olivetti products rely on a communications strategy based on advertising campaigns targeted at end users this autumn.

The company’s line of consumer-oriented ink jet products designed by major names and introduced in 2005 will be joined in 2006 by a product conceived by another leading international designer, Jasper Morrison.

Milan, June 29, 2005