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Telecom Italia Launches the “Lifesaver” cordless

08/01/2005 - 12:00 PM

“Big Angel” connects to a remote assistance service and a 24-hour helpdesk which sends out a warning to a family member, friend, neighbour or emergency service

 A portable add-on device weighing just 75 grams equipped with a speakerphone means that the cordless phone can help people call for immediate assistance. Ideal for the elderly, people who live alone, people with health problems or people who are not self-sufficient

  Telecom Italia announces “Big Angel”, a cordless phone that offers emergency access to a 24-hour remote assistance helpdesk.

 People who need assistance – the elderly, people who live alone, people with health problems and anybody who is not self-sufficient – can immediately contact a helpdesk operative simply by pressing one of the two keys on the “Big Angel” add-on portable device. The device weighs just 75 grams and incorporates a speakerphone system.

The helpdesk operative will then call the most appropriate person, either from a list of previously agreed phone numbers (friends, family, neighbours, etc), or else directly contact the emergency services (police, ambulance, etc). The operator stays online with the client to check how the situation is progressing and ensure that the requested action is carried out.

A free, automatic monitoring system built into “Big Angel” regularly checks that the cordless is working by sending a call to a toll-free number at the helpdesk.

 The “Big Angel” cordless phone and the remote assistance service may be purchased from the usual Telecom Italia outlets or from Customer Care on 187.

No activation fee is required for the service, which costs €8.99 per month including VAT. Each call requesting direct assistance from the helpdesk costs €0.0787 on answer plus €0.0991 per minute (including VAT).

“Big Angel” phones may be purchased in six bi-monthly instalments of €16.65 and billed to a Telecom Italia account, or for a one-off price of €99.90.

The service is activated by using the add-on device to call the helpdesk. An operator takes down information regarding the user’s health, and the phone numbers of people to contact in the case of an emergency. Users must give their consent for their personal data to be processed, in accordance with Italian law.

“Big Angel” and remote assistance are the first in a series of innovative home-care and health products and services Telecom Italia is set to roll out.

  Milan, August 1, 2005