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Telecom Italia: Agreement on revised sales practices with Consumer Associations

05/23/2006 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia and a number of leading Italian consumer associations today signed an agreement that lays down new procedures for the sale of products and services.

The agreement will make relations between the company and its clientele even more transparent by introducing operating methods that make it possible to “trace” accurately telephone contacts between client and company during all stages of produce purchase and service activation requests. This new approach will reduce the scope for any errors that may occur and foster greater customer satisfaction and protection.

As per current practice, if any errors or misunderstandings occur during customer service requests, at the customer’s behest Telecom Italia reimburses any amounts paid on the first available telephone bill. To streamline this proces, Telecom Italia is setting up a free dedicated fax number and e-mail address. Moreover, customers will now be allowed two billing periods after service activation to change their mind about keeping the service, as opposed to the current limit of 10 days.

Customers will now receive full information about purchase requests made by telephone (either directly with the company or through external sales channels operating on the company’s behalf) from Telecom Italia in a letter containing details about the service requested (activation date, costs, offer characteristics) and the terms and conditions disciplining their right to change their mind.

Product deliveries to customer premises will now be accompanied by a special waybill stating the package contents (product description, sender, etc.) so that recipients know exactly what they are receiving.

Rome, May 23, 2006