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Telecom Italia: Company and senior management completely extraneous to the events reported in the media as will be made evident when the depositions relating to the investigation are deposited with the Judicial Authorities

08/03/2006 - 12:00 PM

With reference to the continuing dissemination in the daily press and periodicals of news regarding illicit acts of telephone interception and traffic data revelation, and of news regarding off-balance sheet invoicing, Telecom Italia repeats with absolute firmness that the company’s activities, at the service of customers, were always carried out in compliance with the law and with the sole objective of guaranteeing an ever greater quality of service.

Any improper behaviour cannot be related in any way to the company’s policy choices, nor was it ever approved by senior management; in fact, out of respect for the law, the behaviour of the company and its senior management is always based on the maximum transparency vis-à-vis the sector’s public institutions and the judicial authorities, and the latter always receive relevant information as soon as Telecom Italia becomes aware of it. All of the above will be clearly evident when the depositions relating to the investigation are deposited with the judicial authorities.

The company and its senior management do not intend to waver from this fundamental position.


Milan, 2 August 2006