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Telecom Italia launches “Alice tutto incluso”: 1 euro a day to navigate the Internet and call without time limit

10/02/2006 - 12:00 PM

With 1 euro more TV on demand and Internet at 20 Mega is also available

Telecom Italia has launched its new “Alice Tutto Incluso” offer which provides internet navigation at up to 2 megabits per second and telephone calls from home without time limit and includes an innovative cordless VoIP handset for only 1 euro a day. Adding 1 euro more, with “Alice Tutto Incluso” one can also access Alice Home TV, Telecom Italia’s TV via internet, and Internet up to 20 Megabit a second (for areas covered by the service).

With “Alice Tutto Incluso” it is possible connect to the Internet via broad band without time limit and with a speed that triples from 640 Kbps up to 2 megabit per second (beginning from mid-October), make free unlimited calls from your additional phone number, both local and inter-urban to Telecom Italia fixed-line numbers and receive a new cordless Aladino VoIP handset and a Wi-Fi modem for only 1 euro a day (69 euro in a single payment). Choosing the 2 euro a day formula, with a connection of up to 20 Megabit a second it is also possible access the content included in the basic Alice Home TV offer and with the option of watching live all the games of the Serie A TIM football championship and the home games of Juventus.

Further, for TIM customers, “Alice Tutto Incluso” includes, for only 3 euro a day, up to 150 minutes of free calls a month and for 4 euro a day up to 300 minutes of conversation and 300 sms a month. Activating “Alice Tutto Incluso” is also possible to buy a new generation portable PC for only 8 euro a month (and an initial instalment of 99 euro), with free delivery and installation.

Milan, 2 October 2006