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Telecom Italia fixed-line telephony features in a commercial with a new format and two new stars

11/21/2006 - 12:00 PM

Making its on-air debut tonight on Italy’s major networks, the new spot rolls out a new Telecom Italia Teleconomy package and features Sergio Rubini and Tosca D’Aquino, together for the first time

Telecom Italia fixed-line telephony features in a new commercial conceived by creative agency Mortaroli&Friends to promote Teleconomy Zero Zero, a new package for residential customers that offers calls at 0 eurocents from all fixed-line phones and, for the first time, from mobile phones, for a monthly fee of €10.

The familiar family scene in the spot stars two well-known faces from the Italian cinema and TV, together for the first time in an advert. Sergio Rubini plays the father and Tosca D’Aquino plays the mother as they grapple with the delicate business of checking the monthly “accounts”.

Mother and father sit around the kitchen table surrounded by bills, invoices, receipts and requests for payment from the hairdresser, the school, the gym and restaurants. Their son Luca (the Rasta kid from the most recent Tim Tribù spot) is on the phone as usual next door. Things get tense when his parents realize that the phone bill lists 35 hours of calls, many to mobile phone numbers. Father anxiously runs his eyes down the list of calls as if he’s looking for some kind of mistake, while mother, not in the least worried, tries to calm him down. She seems to know a secret. A secret she reveals when Father sees that the amount they owe is minimal, thanks to Telecom Italia’s brand-new Teleconomy Zero Zero offer. The commercial ends with a witty exchange between the parents.

Mauro Mortaroli and Nicola Brunialti created the commercial, produced by Buddy Film and directed by Daniele Luchetti. Photography is by Alessio Torresi Gelsini. The soundtrack to the commercial is from Rome-based band the “Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio”.

The advert debuts tonight on Italy’s main broadcast networks.


Rome, November 21, 2006