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Telecom Italia - Generali: contract signed to build the insurance group's new european telecommunications network

06/08/2007 - 12:00 PM


The agreements entail the supply of data, fixed and mobile telecommunications services in Italy and 4 European countries, the latter using Telecom Italia Sparkle’s international infrastructure

Telecom Italia has signed a contract with the Generali Group which entails agreements for the design and realization of Generali’s telecommunications network infrastructure in 4 European countries and for the supply of electronic communications services for these countries, as well as Italy. 

In particular, the agreement regarding the international segment entails the supply and management of the Generali Group’s electronic communications services initially in Austria, France, Germany and Spain, then later in Belgium and Portugal.  This will involve the realization of new network infrastructure which will also draw on the already existing one belonging to Telecom Italia Sparkle. The data telecommunications services, in particular, will guarantee the security of transactions between the various connected offices. In addition, under the agreement, Telecom Italia will supply advanced assistance services in each country, able to meet all local technical needs and ensure the service’s correct function.

This agreement is part of the Generali Group’s efficiency drive which includes the Information and Communication Technology division. In particular, thanks to the rationalization of the services to the foreign offices now sourced to a variety of international providers and the transfer of telecommunications services onto Telecom Italia’s own infrastructure, Generali will achieve significant synergies.


Milan, 8 June 2007