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Telecom Italia: raises internet access speed for Alice Flat to 7 mega

10/29/2007 - 12:00 PM


Starting tomorrow the new Alice Flat basic offer for Residential and Business clients increases the Internet access speed from 2 to 7 megabits per second without additional costs

Faster connection speed will provide more efficient use of web content and services 

Starting tomorrow, the new Alice Flat basic offer for Residential and Business customers will provide Internet access at a speed of 7 megabits per second, increased from 2 megabits previously, without additional costs.  The new flat “Alice 7 Mega” offer for Residential customers and “Alice Business Flat” for Business customers will allow Internet navigation at almost quadruple the previous speed and give access to all Web content and services with greater efficiency and quality.

The new ADSL “Alice 7 Mega” and “Alice Business Flat” packages offer Internet connection with no time limits and a download speed up to 7 megabits per second on the same costs as the previous 2 megabits flat offer.  The faster connection speed will allow, for example, better utilization of content on Rosso Alice, Telecom Italia’s  ADSL Portal.  The new profile will also enable content uploads at a speed of 384 kilobits per second, thus providing entry in the Web 2.0 world and facilitating the sharing of on-line content like audio, video and images. Finally, with “Alice 7 Mega” and “Alice Business Flat” it will be possible to activate the Alice Voce and Alice Business Voce offers which allow users to exploit all the potentialities of the ADSL connection, including VoIP mode telephone calls.

Over the coming months, existing Alice Flat customers with the 2 Mega profile will be given the faster speed, without additional costs or the need to make a request. In fact, both Residential and Business customers will be progressively switched to the new 7 Mega profile.


Milan, 29 October 2007